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Frequently asked questions for our Nanoplasty Hair System

1-  Are Floractive Nanoplasty Products Safe? Yes, extremely safe! All the ingredients are natural, and the ones responsible for straightening the hair are amino acids and organic acids. There is NOT a single molecule of Formaldehyde, and or any other harmful chemicals in our products, which is usually the case in the products of other brands.

2- What is the difference between Keratin Treatment & Floractive Nanoplasty Straightening System? Nanoplasty is a new hair technology, classified as the “New Keratin Generation System". Beyond only straightening the hair or taming the curls, the Nanoplasty also heals the hair from the inside out. All the formulations of our Nanoplasty Systems have several Organic Acids, Amino Acids, Oils, Butter, Waxes, Silicones, and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins, seeking to treat the hair in a balanced way and provide all the nutrients necessary for the recovery of hair health and beauty. Check more info at our Nanoplasty page.

3- How long does Nanoplasty last on my hair? Nanoplasty lasts for 5-6 months on the hair, even more depending on the type of hair and the care taken by the client at home.

4- Will Nanoplasty straighten any type of hair? YES, for sure. Each Floractive Nanoplasty Shampoo has been developed to suitably suit different hair types (textures, colors, conditions, ...). With the appropriate selection of the product for the desired type of hair, straightening is guaranteed.

5- How long will I be in the Salon during the Nanoplasty Treatment? Depending on the length and thickness of the hair you will probably be in the salon for 3.0 - 4.5 hours.

6- What do I need to do in my hair before the Nanoplasty Treatment? Talk to your hairdresser first. Our only recommendation is to wash your hair at home with a good shampoo 1 day before the procedure, and don´t pass any type of leave-in, mask, and or oil after washing it. Go to the Salon with washed, clean hair with nothing on it. This will speed up the entire process at the salon, as the hairdresser won´t need to wash and dry your hair before the procedure.

7- How soon can I colour my hair after having done the Nanoplasty? We recommend waiting 1 week before doing any other chemical treatment, in order to give time for your hair to settle and recover properly from the Nanoplasty. However, depending on how healthy your hair was before the Nanoplasty, after an accurate professional assessment of your hair by your hairdresser, and by using amazing chemical protectors such as the Flora Plex, and reconstructors like the 20 in 1, you can perform the colouring even on the same day after the Nanoplasty.

8- Can I do the Nanoplasty Treatment while pregnant? We don´t recommend doing this treatment whilst you are pregnant. The treatment is extremely safe. However, as the woman's body changes significantly during gestation, it may become sensitive to the low pH of our products, itching and irritating your scalp during the procedure. Also, as you will have to stay a long time in the chair, it may be uncomfortable and unpleasant for you, which is not the experience that we would like you to have. But, if you are really keen to do it, we recommend you speak with your General Practitioner before your service.

9- Can I do the Nanoplasty Treatment while nursing? Yes! It is extremely safe.

10- My daughter/son wants to do the Nanoplasty Treatment, is it safe? Yes! It is safe. However, remember that this treatment will last for a long time (5-6 months easily), and kids tend to change their opinion frequently, be extremely sure that this is what your kid wants. Have a good conversation and show a lot of images of models before and after having done this procedure. We don´t recommend it for kids under 9 years old.

11- Will Nanoplasty procedure damage my hair? No. Actually, it´s quite the opposite. Floractive Nanoplasty shampoos are formulated with several Organic Acids, Amino Acids, Oils, Butter, Waxes, Silicones, and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins, returning to the hair all the nutrients necessary for the recovery of hair health and beauty, healing the hair from the inside out.

12- Which products should I use at home after doing the Nanoplasty Treatment? As you invested a lot of time and money in this incredible treatment, we strongly recommend that you use our Home Care products, looking to keep your hair straight, soft, silky, and without frizz for a long time, being able to achieve a great condition even 8 months after the procedure. Choose our shampoos, 3 in 1, masks, and oils that suit your type of hair.

13- How long after doing my Nanoplasty Treatment can I wash my hair? Right after it, if you like! Actually, you can ask your hairdresser to wash it after the iron step, in order to show you how your hair will be when you wash it at home. Unbelievable, right?!?

14- How long after doing my Nanoplasty Treatment can I swim? Right after it, if you like!

15- Can I tie my hair up, make a bun, or make a special hairstyle after the Treatment? Yep! Have fun and use it as you like!

16- Can I use heat on my hair after doing the Nanoplasty Treatment? Absolutely, you can use heat whenever you feel necessary.

17- I saw the term Nanoplastia elsewhere, is it the same as Nanoplasty? Yep, Nanoplastia is the Portuguese and Spanish equivalent name.

18- I have very sensitive skin, including pimples and other dermatological problems, can I still do the Nanoplasty? Depends, we strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor about this condition first. The pH level of the Nanoplasty is extremely low, ranging from 1.5 to 2.5, which can cause great discomfort when the product eventually comes into contact with the scalp, and unexpected subsequent adverse reactions. If your doctor authorizes it, remember to emphasize this dermatological condition to your hairdresser, so that she/he avoids touching the product to your scalp and skin as much as possible.

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