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Fruits and Cosmetics
Floraactive Melbourne.  Nanoplasty. Keratin Treatments. Hair Straightening. Professional Hair Products.


Eliminates 100% of frizz and static.

Eliminates the harshness of the strands.

Hydration and deep nutrition.

Hair fiber restoration.

High impact gloss;
High disentangling power;

Home Care Capillary Schedule

Hair Repair System line is a kit of high-performance hair masks that were developed to treat the hair in any circumstances it may be presented, returning all the vitamins and amino acids necessary for strong and healthy hair. Enriched with Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein, Coconut Oil, Moringa Oil, Olive Oil, Linseed Oil, and Shea Butter that comes together in three different masks to result in stronger, resistant, hydrated, soft, shiny, loose, silky, and protected hair.

Nutrition, Hydration, and Reconstruction Masks designed to treat the hair at home in any circumstances presented.

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