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What is & How Nanoplasty Works?

Nanoplasty is a new hair technology, classified as the “New Keratin Generation System" or “New Hair Straightening System”, developed to straighten and return to the hair all the nutrients it needs to become healthy with incredible gloss and softness. As an evolution of the old straightening systems, Nanoplasty is free of any dangerous and harsh chemicals such as Formaldehyde and several other chemicals. And, it was developed as One Single Shampoo – One Step System, eliminating the necessity of the traditional 3 shampoos/steps of the old procedures.

In order to straighten the hair fibers and promote the return of amino acids, oils, and nutrients to the hair's internal structure, shampoo ingredients need to pass through the cuticle and reach the inner layers of the hair cortex. A difficult task to achieve since this inter-cuticular opening has a maximum of 10,000 KDaltons. Explaining the need in old straightening systems to use a clarifying or anti-residue shampoo to open this space. In the Nanoplasty System, as all ingredients are smaller than this limit, there is no need to open before and close the hair cuticles after the straightening process. Which also avoids the inevitable damage to the cuticles when you conduct these steps in the old systems.


All the formulations of our Nanoplasty Systems have several Organic Acids, Amino Acids, Oils, Butter, Waxes, Silicones, and Hydrolyzed Vegetable Proteins, seeking to treat the hair in a balanced way and provide all the nutrients necessary for the recovery of hair health and beauty. Each Nanoplasty Shampoo has been designed to meet the needs of certain hair types. Below are the different options developed for you!

BENEFITS of all our Nanoplasty Systems:

Straight hair more intense.

Longer-lasting results (5-6 months).

Eliminates 100% of frizz.

High Impact Gloss.

Soft and Silky Hair.​​

Hydration and deep nutrition.

Hair fiber restoration.

Agility and speed in the application procedure.

Vegan Friendly.


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For Brown and Dark Hair

W One Premium is enriched with Hydrolyzed Vegetable Keratin, Essential Amino Acids, and with the exclusive Ozone Protein treatment plus Coconut Oil.


For Thick Blonde, and Coloured Hair

Eco Reduxer is enriched with Blackberry Extract + Alpha-Hydroxy Acids, Shea Butter, and Silk Amino Acids. It has nanoparticles of violet pigments that neutralize the orange and yellowish nuances of blondes.

Natural Beauty Products
For Thin Blonde, and Coloured Hair

W Two Plex is enriched with Ojon Oil, and combined with the powerful Plex System, protecting the strands from chemical aggression, and preventing dryness or brittleness. It has also nanoparticles of violet pigments that neutralize the orange and yellowish nuances of blondes.

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For Brown/Dark, Natural, and Oily Hair
Organic Nano Gel Straightening.jpg

Organic Nano Gel is enriched with Seaweed Extracts, Rosa Mosqueta Oil, and Sunflower Oil. Its gel base reduces significantly the release of steam.

Great for closed and small salons

Fashion Photography
Natural Beauty
Intended for All Types of Hair

Blue Tox is a revolutionary technology that brought together Bamboo Sprout Extract, Glycerin, Arginine, The powerful action of its violet pigments nanoparticles neutralises the undesirable yellowish and orange nuances in blond hair.

Blue Tox - 5 in 1

Promotes 5 results in a single product:


-Anti Frizz


-Volume Reduction

-Thermal Protection

Raspberry Hair Vinegar
Intended for All Types of Hair

Powerful Hair pH Stabiliser and Express Straightening

Raspberry Hair Vinegar is a high-tech treatment that was developed with the aim of stabilizing the pH of the hair strands after chemical procedures, acting directly on the ionic bonds, restoring strength and resistance to the hair, contracting the cuticles, reducing split ends, providing restoration, shine, and softness. It was developed for Post-Colouring, Post-Bleaching, Post-Nanoplasty, and as an Express Straightening Procedure.



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