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The Best Hair Straightening System
on the Market!

Floractive is a Brazilian company that operates in the hair care market since 2011, we provide high-quality products that are efficient and safe for our partners and clients. Our quality processes and our values ​​on sustainability have been a successful case nationwide and worldwide with our brand established in over 60 countries around the world. 


Donna Picken @ The beauty loft,

The Beauty Loft Gold Coast - QLD

“I’ve done about 40 clients now with your W One Nanoplasty and your Blue Tox treatments. The results have all been brilliant. All the help you gave me in teaching me all the little tricks to perfection has been amazing. I’m so glad I found you. Such amazing products, support, and great service. Thank you so much."

Sami @zaynthesalon - Saint Kilda – VIC

I’ve been using Floractive for a few months now in my salon and the results have been incredible. My clients love the results, and we are very happy with Floractive and will not change to anything else. Renato and his team are very supportive of me and my team. Great service from Renato. 

We Work With Real Professionals 

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